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Bankruptcy Services

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision. Learn more about types of bankruptcy and let an experienced professional help you choose which one is right for you. Kothari Law Firm is based in Roswell, Georgia, serving Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Other legal services are also available.

Types of Bankruptcy

We specialize in the following chapters under the Bankruptcy Code:

Chapter 7 - Primarily for individuals who are overwhelmed by debt, Chapter 7 is the easiest kind of bankruptcy to file. Receive a fresh start and wipe out your debt through liquidation. 

Chapter 13 - Don't lose your house or car, simply restructure your payments and watch your debt disappear. This repayment plan helps you clear up your payment obligations and increases your disposable income with the terms that are set by you. All you have to do is pay a portion of this back for the set length of the term and then your debt is eliminated. 

Chapter 11 - This form of bankruptcy is for individuals who have more wealth and for small businesses that need to reorganize their debt. It allows debtors to set the terms of the planned payment. You can keep your house, car, and office, by getting around the limits of Chapter 13 through your amount of wealth. This is a powerful tool to help individuals with debt relief and requires specialized legal services. Like Chapter 13, Chapter 11 bankruptcy helps you clear up your payment obligations and increases your disposable income.


We are a debt collection agency helping people file for bankruptcy. This website does not create an attorney/client relationship. This website is for informational purposes. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your legal matters with an attorney.